Our Story

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About TAG

The challenge

Our world is being swept by a digital revolution which is characterized by speed and innovation. The consequences of this digital revolution are varied. Some are helpful, some are harmful, and some are even worse...


The entire world is heavily invested in technology and euphoric about its virtues. This is alarming. We were never so dependent on such a misunderstood and sometimes misused tool.

Recently, we have seen an awaking in the Jewish community as the complex nature of technology in general and to its implications for us as Yidden in particular. We have special values and therefore we have unique problems which require creative solutions. Additionally, the frequency with which we are faced with nisyonos and the split second time which it takes to make a wrong move, create a situation which can be very challenging even to highly principled individuals. Things or activities that were clearly considered unacceptable just a few years ago have quickly become tolerated, and even acceptable. To a certain extent our community is in free fall. It would be naive to believe that our descent will be miraculously stopped just short of disaster without serious effort on our part.

Enter TAG

TAG was created by your fellow community members to assist you in what is one of the most challenging areas of our lives. Our objective is to empower you to fulfill your digital needs in a safe and responsible fashion. It is our goal to ensure that every person serviced by TAG is comfortable with the guidance and service provided. We invite you to join the many members of our community who have taken advantage of TAG's services to protect themselves and their families.

The TAG 


TAG does not make moral or religious decisions for you. We will not dictate what your guidelines and boundaries should be. You may consult with a rav or mechanech for that. TAG’s job is to make you aware of pertinent issues and assist you in implementing the level of protection which you desire. TAG recognizes that every individual and every circumstance is different and will work with you to design the unique solution which fits your needs. It goes without saying that confidentiality and privacy are fully ensured. 


TAG was established by Rabbonim, Mechanchim and technically inclined people to assist the Jewish community in navigating the complex digital landscape. It was born due to the recognition that digital technology is here to stay (and will increasingly be part of the fabric of our lives) and we need to be able to use it responsibly al pi Torah. TAG is here to provide awareness of problems and pitfalls, guidance on effective solutions and real-time tech support for their implementation.