With over forty 

offices worldwide, you can receive support

wherever you are.


100% Free

All our services are free of charge. 

The expenses of the office are supported by your donations.

(the filter companies charge for their filtering)


Call Center

For any questions or for support, you can contact the TAG center

20 hours a day (11am -7am) at 

1-732-730-1824, or 02071-124-848




In TAG we have looked into the most secure and reliable filters on the market, ones that will protect you from inappropriate content on the web, while still allow you to surf the web as you usually do.

Our Services

TAG now offers appointments, where you can choose a time and have our technicians focused on what you need.

In TAG of Israel we strive to provide the best user experience possible, please share any feedback you have through our form.


Support: 1-732-730-1824

Local: 077-971-0000

Please ensure that your device is at least 40% charged before bringing it into the office.